Resilient competitors of
UBER in Atlanta

Client: Alianza Taxi
Industry: Ride Sharing, On Demand Taxi

UBER in Atlanta

With UBER completely revolutionizing the dynamics of the traditional taxi industry, Alianza Taxi Inc. approached Mob Inspire in 2018 to get a similar model developed for the state of Georgia in the USA.
With Alianza Taxi infiltrating the ridesharing market in Georgia, the USA, a ray of hope kindled among the taxi community.

what Alianza Taxi needed?

  • The introduction of the ridesharing industry giants like Uber and Lyft posed an existential threat to traditional taxi services.
  • Therefore, with the turbulence in the ride-hailing industry,
  • it was imperative that companies like Alianza swiftly adopt the emerging tech model to stay within the ridesharing sphere.

Our success recipe

Going digital in the tech world
  • An UBER-like digital solution, Hairlines works with apps specially designed for two groups of people,
  • the customers and the providers known as Hairlines and Hairlines Pro respectively.
  • This solution provides styling opportunities for communities that are otherwise unable to avail of beauty services to feel good about themselves.

Real-time assistance

Multiple apps for both the Android and the iOS platforms were developed

schedule and select services

following the UBER model to provide the safety

customized and personalized

and reliability that digitization was offering the ride-hailing world.
First country implementation has gone live. With flexibility and on-time delivery, this team delivers strong technical experience and abilities

Sabas Guzman - Alianza Taxi


The app gives you the option to book a service for someone else too – like a family member with special needs or a manager can get appointments for those under his care in nursing homes and those of the likes.

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