Digitally Transforming The Real Estate Industry

Client: Amigo Estate
Industry: Real Estate Tech

Digital Transformation of a Real Estate Services Provider

Recognizing the tech struggles that the people in Pakistan face, Amigo Estate began a sequential launch of a digital platform for the Real Estate industry.
With the world at the apex of stellar technological revolutions every day, Pakistan must evolve to keep up with the changing world requirements.

what Amigo Estate needed?

  • echnology is invading our lives today as it has never done so before
  • With the majority of property dealings in the country still relying on the traditional way of conducting business operations, the masses are slow to adjust to the new norms.
  • The major challenge an industry like this faces is to get people to trust it. With the consistent rise in cyber crimes, users with little to no IT knowledge are reluctant to indulge in such investment opportunities.

Our success recipe

Building trust together.
  • Amigo Estate has so far limited its functionality to the web versions. This is to build awareness and trust among the masses.
  • Any agent who posts an asset goes through an exhaustive background check
  • This ensures that whoever uses the platform to sell property is reliable and does not scam its buyers.

Real-time assistance

Experts at Mob Inspire began a series of elaborate discussions

schedule and select services

with the managers at Amigo Estate, coming up with a well-thought

customized and personalized

implementation plan for the real estate sector in the region.
First country implementation has gone live. With flexibility and on-time delivery, this team delivers strong technical experience and abilities
Program Manager, Insurance Multinational


The app gives you the option to book a service for someone else too – like a family member with special needs or a manager can get appointments for those under his care in nursing homes and those of the likes.

how we can help you

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