A Seamless Grocery
Shopping Experience

Client: Gross Daily
Industry: On Demand Grocery Delivery, Quick Commerce

Serving Grocery Seekers Right
At Their Doorsteps

In this world of connected apps, the management of GrocDaily reached out to Mob Inspire, sharing plans for building the next InstaCart.
With the product strategy defined by Mob Inspire, the startup was able to raise seed-level funding, securing the reins of the product’s development.

what GrocDaily needed?

  • With competitors like InstaCart already invading the on-demand grocery industry, maintaining a stable footing in the market was a challenge.
  • Why should the users already set to work with an online grocery market switch?
  • To answer this, the company needed a unique business model to attract a significant number of customers.

Our success recipe

Receive grocery at your doorstep
  • Experts at Mob Inspire drafted an elaborate business model for the app
  • The strategy suggested the use of leading digital technologies, adding a rich set of in-trend app features, keeping the end-user in mind.
  • The plan aided the company to develop a top-notch app, feverishly competing with the tech giants in the on-demand food industry.

Real-time assistance

After the initial requirement gathering phase

schedule and select services

which consisted of in-depth discussions with GrocDaily

customized and personalized

a product strategy was drafted, keeping trends of modern times in mind.
First country implementation has gone live. With flexibility and on-time delivery, this team delivers strong technical experience and abilities

Program Manager, Insurance Multinational


The app gives you the option to book a service for someone else too – like a family member with special needs or a manager can get appointments for those under his care in nursing homes and those of the likes.

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