Property Dealings

Client: Plot Lo
Industry: On Demand Real Estate, Real Estate Tech

Immovable Property Market Place With Intelligent Listings

The active Real Estate industry of Pakistan predominantly conducts business via brokers
Plot Lo apps enable users to look for an on-sale property remotely, from the comfort of their homes.

what PLOT LO needed?

  • Reliability on in-person meetups with brokers is the most widely adopted medium for property dealings in Pakistan.
  • Plot Lo aimed to alter the conventional norm set forth for this industry but faced numerous challenges – the lack of public awareness
  • for one, not only required a sleek app user interface but necessitated significant efforts in devising a marketing strategy for the solution.

Our success recipe

Serving secure investment opportunities.
  • Before moving onto the development phase, our Business Intelligence experts, along with the developers
  • rigorously worked to craft elaborate user personas which helped them in designing a relevant, highly interactive user interface.
  • The marketing team meticulously toiled to perform a robust app store optimization along with implementing an intricate technical SEO strategy, aiding the Plot Lo team to attract users without needing a large-scale paid advertisement plan.

Real-time assistance

For digital dealings, the customers rely on social media platforms
– particularly Facebook,

schedule and select services

but with slow tech advancements in the region, physical presence for such transactions is preferred by most.

customized and personalized

Plot Lo is making headway into this industry, causing significant disruption in the traditional norm of conducting business negotiations.
First country implementation has gone live. With flexibility and on-time delivery, this team delivers strong technical experience and abilities
Program Manager, Insurance Multinational


The app gives you the option to book a service for someone else too – like a family member with special needs or a manager can get appointments for those under his care in nursing homes and those of the likes.

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