Mobile Platform for connecting tourists with genuine artisans in a vacation spot.

Client: Tuzmo
Industry: On demand, Travel, Ecommerce, Logistics, Enterprise

A beautfiuly designed platform to Assist you in bringing true memories from your journey back to you

Founder of tuzmo had validated the idea using an MVP and now wanted to build a platform that can scale to multiple countries. He had a great vision and he got an amazing reality in apps.
Tuzmo enables you to help the world’s craftsmen at a time when travel constraints have put a lot of artisans’ livelihoods in jeopardy.

what Tuzmo needed?

Creating a simple and clean user interface/user experience for customers and Artisans.
  • Customers go to a app, choose from an array of craft and products to get what they want.
  • The problem with this workflow is that it was just a search engine not a recommendation engine.
  • Therefore it was hard what you must guy according to your interest.

Our success recipe

Making product recommendations possible
  • Predictive models in use Adding product recommendations to the 360-degree view.
  • Ability to visit any store virtually or find a tourism place and its artists.
  • This solution provides transaction opportunities for artisans communities that were untapped

Real-time assistance

Provide complete location based recommendation to customers for interesting products, place and artisans.

schedule and select services

Customers can choose any craft, they can pick up or order it to their hotel or home country with a complete delivery procedure.

customized and personalized

Therefore, the customized apps made it easier for consumers to buy crafts with a tap on the smartphone!
When it concerns mobile app development, software solutions in a broad sense, and technological strategy, Mobinspire has been a fantastic asset and source of expertise for us.


Tuzmo app enables authentic artists and traditional craftspeople to sell directly to a larger global audience. It transfers the financial benefit of art projects from dealers and retailers to the artisans.

how we can help you

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