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Industry: On Demand Water Taxi

Making its impact on the land-based ride-hailing services

Mob Inspire further expanded its presence in the region by collaborating with Water Taxis Australia, digitally transforming the industry.
People are evolving with the ever-changing world norms and with solutions such as Water Taxi, Australia, adaptation is pretty fast.

what WATER TAXI needed?

  • With the pace technology is transforming all the major global industries, Water Taxis are coming a bit slow.
  • In the world of connected apps, not having an UBER-like solution for the ride-hailing industry is not an option.
  • Therefore, the digital birth of Water Taxis was imperative.

Our success recipe

Managing water rides has never been easier!
  • Water Taxi Australia demonstrates the flexibility of Mob Inspire to work as well for water taxi startups as for land-based ones.
  • Passengers can seek this service in all notable coastal areas
  • The booking process is as simple as scheduling a ride on Alianza or any other efficient ride-hailing service. Moreover, the app also enables passengers to pay via a digital in-app wallet.

Real-time assistance

Apps for both Android and iOS

schedule and select services

iOS are available to target a significant set

customized and personalized

Australian users wanting to travel via water taxis.

First country implementation has gone live.
With flexibility and on-time delivery, this team
delivers strong technical experience and abilities

Program Manager, Insurance Multinational


The app gives you the option to book a service for someone else too – like a family member with special needs or a manager can get appointments for those under his care in nursing homes and those of the likes.

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