on Product Design

Are You Prepared To Take Your Idea To The Next Stage?

Clarify your vision

Confront your idea, gain feedback, and get answers to any of your queries from mobile market experts.

Prepare the necessary documentation

Prepare the essential documentation and wireframes to begin the development of your app.

Get a cost estimate.

Prepare your budget, estimate development time, and entice investors with a compelling business plan.

Examine Your Concept
From Several Perspectives.


Define who your applications' end users will be. find out who they are, what their choices are, and what their thoughts are.

Canvas for the Product

A strategic product planning tool that enables you to see the entire image of your product (description, difficulties, and strategy) on a single page.

Storming an event

A back-end developer's modeling technique that aids in visualizing the app's business logic's complexity

Map of the User Experience

A visual representation of the user's journey within your app. Wireframes are created as a result of this process, which is overseen by a UX designer.

Chart of Priorities

Charts can assist you in determining which features are most important to include in your MVP, based on their value and complexity.

What Is The Plan Of Action?

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Canvas for the product
  • Personas
  • Part 1 of Event Storming

Day 2

  • Part 2 of Event Storming
  • Map of the user's journey.
  • Let's wrap things up.

Day 3

  • Highlights & Priorities
  • Crystallization of MVP.
  • Approximations of development time
  • Conclusion and next actions

Who Is Going To Participate?

We put together a team based on your requirements. The following people could be on the Product Design Workshop team:

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What Are You Going To Get?

Modules & Features


Business Flow

Wireframe Design Layout

Cost & Timeline

Tech Stack

Launch plan

Marketing plan


Share your objectives and
we take care of the rest

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